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Promoting Safe and Healthy Workplaces in Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador

Part of the Root Causes of Migration Strategy for northern Central America, the Promoting Safe and Healthy Workplaces in Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador (PREP for Change) project seeks to improve occupational safety and health (OSH) conditions for workers in the sugar and garment (maquila) sectors. The project will focus on workplace illnesses and injuries, chronic kidney disease of non-traditional causes (CKDnt), and COVID-19.

El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras La Isla Network $8,000,000 12/15/2021 06/14/2026

Campos de Esperanza (Fields of Hope)

Campos de Esperanza (Fields of Hope) engages the government, the private sector, and civil society to reduce child labor in migrant agricultural communities, particularly in the coffee and sugarcane sectors in Veracruz and Oaxaca. The project links children and youth to existing educational programs and refers vulnerable households to existing government programs to improve income and reduce the need for child labor.

MexicoCdE_meval.pdf (926.6 KB)

Mexico World Vision $11,000,000 11/11/2016 09/30/2023

My-PEC: Myanmar Program on the Elimination of Child Labor

The goal of the project is to reduce child labor in Burma through the establishment of a comprehensive, inclusive, and efficient multi-stakeholder response.


Burma International Labor Organization (ILO) $10,050,000 12/31/2013 12/31/2023


The ABK3 project raised awareness, strengthened advocacy, and built the capacity of community, government, and sugar industry stakeholders to reduce exploitative child labor in 11 sugarcane producing provinces in the Philippines. The project provided educational support to help children succeed and stay in school, and assisted families in increasing agricultural productivity, finding alternative sources of income, and linking to social protection programs in order to alleviate the root causes of child labor.

Philippines World Vision $16,500,000 09/30/2011 08/31/2016
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