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She Thrives: Reducing Child Labor in Ethiopia’s Agricultural Sector using a Gender-Focused Approach

The She Thrives project seeks to build agency of vulnerable women and girls in the Ethiopian agricultural sector, change community social norms and traditions that uphold child labor and gender inequality, and transform laws, policies and institutions to be more gender equitable and support efforts to reduce child labor in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere (CARE) $5,000,000 12/07/2020 02/06/2025

Improving Workers’ Rights in the Rural Sectors of the Indo Pacific with a Focus on Women

Despite the significance of the agriculture, fishing, and mining industries to the US’ trade relations with Philippines and Indonesia, these sectors are characterized by poverty and poor working conditions, especially at the lower tiers of the supply chain in rural areas.

Indonesia, Philippines International Labor Organization (ILO) $4,000,000 12/01/2020 11/30/2024

EQUAL - Equal Access to Quality Jobs for Women and Girls in Mexico

EQUAL seeks to increase job quality and safety, create opportunities for economic participation, and address gaps in social programs to reach remote and impoverished families in Mexico.

Mexico World Vision $5,000,000 12/15/2019 12/14/2023

Adwuma Pa

The Adwuma Pa project works to reduce the risk of child and forced labor, and other exploitative labor practices, by improving the economic participation and empowerment of women and adolescent girls within cocoa-producing communities in Ghana.


Ghana Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere (CARE) $5,000,000 11/16/2018 11/15/2023

Reducing Incidence of Child Labor and Harmful Conditions of Work in Economic Strengthening Initiatives (RICHES)

The Reducing Incidence of Child Labor and Harmful Conditions of Work in Economic Strengthening Initiatives (RICHES) project integrated the issues of child labor alleviation and acceptable conditions of work into women’s economic empowerment initiatives. By putting a new toolkit directly in the hands of policymakers and service providers who work with women entrepreneurs, RICHES helped to ensure women-led enterprises can improve livelihoods responsibly without resorting to child labor or other harmful labor practices.


El Salvador, Global, Philippines Grameen Foundation $401,400 12/01/2017 02/28/2022

EMPOWER: Increasing Economic and Social Empowerment for Adolescent Girls and Vulnerable Women in Zambia

The EMPOWER project will reduce child labor in Zambia’s eastern province by increasing adolescent girls and vulnerable women’s access to acceptable work and high-quality training opportunities. In addition, the project will increase public awareness on the importance of addressing child labor and strengthen efforts amongst government and the private sector towards gender equality through the promotion of acceptable work for adolescent girls and vulnerable women.


Zambia Winrock International $5,000,000 11/01/2016 10/31/2020

M&E Toolkit: OCFT Sectors & Themes

The project will help enhance the sustainability of child labor and forced labor program efforts by contributing to the overall body of knowledge on how best to assess child labor and forced labor interventions.

Global JBS International $1,000,000 09/01/2016 08/31/2018

Combating Trafficking of Women in Moldova

Moldova Catholic Relief Services (CRS) $1,250,000 09/29/2004 09/29/2008

Improvement of Labor Relations and Economic Growth for Gender Equality in Colombia

Colombia International Labor Organization (ILO) $2,000,000 09/29/2002 09/29/2005
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