PATH: Proyecto de Asistencia Tecnica para Trabajadoras del Hogar:

A project to Address Child Labor, Forced Labor, and Other Labor Violations in the Domestic Work Sector in Mexico
Project Duration
December 2023
November 2027
Funding and Year

The Problem

Child labor in domestic work is a pressing issue in Mexico, with over 120,000 children aged 5 to 17 being domestic workers, according to the 2019 National Child Labor Survey. Children working in this sector are particularly vulnerable due to separation from their families, heightening the risk of exploitation and abuse. In Mexico, adults in this sector face widespread workplace abuse and labor violations, including issues like excessive working hours, unpaid wages, and instances of physical or sexual abuse.

Furthermore, the lack of formalization in labor relations leaves domestic workers without written contracts, posing challenges in accessing public services like social security. While recent legislative changes to the labor and social security laws aim to address these issues, many domestic workers in Mexico continue to confront challenges in fully realizing their rights.

Our Strategy

The project aims to implement a comprehensive strategy focused on raising awareness about Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work within the domestic work sector in Mexico City and Queretaro. The strategy involves identifying knowledge gaps related to the exploitation of adult and child domestic workers, emphasizing their labor rights, and underscoring the responsibilities of employers as stipulated in Mexico's recent labor and social security laws, which mandate Social Security coverage for domestic workers since November 2022.

The project seeks to build domestic worker stakeholders' capacity by fostering (1) leadership development, professionalization, and soft skills training for adult domestic workers, (2) the utilization of evidence-based tools to promote decent employment for domestic workers of legal working age, (3) enhanced access to legal and social services for at-risk children and their families, as well as adult domestic workers whose labor rights have been violated (including victims of forced labor), and (4)  the collection and dissemination of information about the nature and extent of labor exploitation.

Furthermore, the strategy will also promote the creation of spaces for social dialogue (dialogue involving governments, employers, and workers) in Mexico City and Queretaro, providing a platform for domestic workers and stakeholders to address sector-specific issues, share insights, and formulate approaches to advance Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work at the state level.

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