The systems-building has at least two main components: capacity strengthening and the establishment and good functioning of decision-making networks. While training is one part of capacity strengthening, mentoring and other follow up are essential for effectiveness. More importantly, it is evident that the establishment and/or strengthening of working groups takes time. Working groups are composed of individuals, which means that relationships need to be built. Also, unfortunately, participating entities do not always send their decision-makers to working group meetings, nor do they always send the same person. As a result, time is lost on reintroducing subjects and content during meetings. Without decision-makers present in the meetings, much time is needed for follow up with the participating entities to ensure that decisions are adopted and implemented. Demanding that the right person attends is one solution, but it is often found that such demands cannot be forced. Overall, it is important to consider that adequate time is allocated for systems building in the case of a project similar to this project.
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