Improved Compliance with Labor Laws in Georgia

Project Duration
December 2013
December 2018
Funding and Year

The project will assist Georgia with resolving a General System of Preferences petition by upholding workers’ rights and working conditions in accordance with International Labor Standards.

The Problem

The legacy of Soviet rule and steps taken during the presidency of Mikheil Saakashvili severely weakened protections for Georgian workers.   For example, the labor inspectorate was dissolved and the government took a series of steps against independent trade unions to weaken them and deprive them of resources.  In 2010, a petition was filed with the United States Trade Representative to remove Georgia from the U.S. Generalized System of Preferences trade preference program.  The petition cited two continuing and serious issues: (1) that the government of Georgia has not yet created a credible, independent labor inspectorate with a mandate to enforce international labor standards; and (2) the labor code, even with its 2013 amendment, still does not fully conform to internationally recognized workers’ rights.

Our Strategy

The goal of the project is to improve compliance with labor laws.  The project has two objectives: (1) effective government protection of workers’ rights and improved working conditions, and (2) increased participation of workers in education and services that protect rights and improve working conditions.

If Georgian government capacity is built to enforce labor laws and international labor standards and workers’ organizations can effectively represent workers’ rights and interests, then compliance with labor laws in Georgia will be improved.


Project targets include the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Georgia Trade Union Confederation, and the Georgian Employers’ Association.

International Labor Organization (ILO)
Contact Information:
(202) 693-4900 / Office of Trade and Labor Affairs (OTLA)