Follow-up to the Resolution on Child Labor Statistics Adopted at the 18th ICLS Through Methodological Development and Expansion of Child Labor Data Collection (PDF)

Project Duration
September 2009
June 2014
Funding and Year

The Problem

Several advances have been made in the area of child labor statistics in the past decade, however, much more investigative research is required for the continued development of child labor statistics, especially with regard to some of the worst forms of child labor.

Our Strategy


  1. Provide support to national child labor surveys to strengthen national child labor statistics and build national capacity in child labor data generation.
  2. Support conceptual and methodological development in two areas identified in the 18th ICLS resolution – hazardous work and unpaid household services.
  3. Support research on the health effects of child labor
  4. Support development of new technical guidelines for national baseline surveys
  5. Support further development of child labor indicators for research, policy, and programming

Summary of Activities:

  • Conduct national child labor surveys (Vietnam, Ghana, and Cote d’Ivoire) & provide supplementary support to modular child labor surveys (2 countries TBD)
  • Technical report on statistical concepts/definitions on WFCL other than hazardous work
  • Technical guidelines on measuring hazardous unpaid household services
  • Review paper on research methodologies on health impacts of child labor
  • Sector specific studies on health concomitants of child labor
  • Sampling manual for baseline surveys
International Labor Organization (ILO)
Contact Information:
(202) 693-4843 / Office of Child Labor, Forced Labor, and Human Trafficking (OCFT)
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