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Measurement, Awareness-Raising, and Policy Engagement (MAP 16) Project on Child Labor and Forced Labor

The United States supports the goal of bringing meaningful change to the lives of the 152 million child laborers and the 25 million adults and children in forced labor around the world by eradicating child labor, forced labor and human trafficking.

$23,945,000 International Labor Organization (ILO) 12/09/2016 12/31/2023

Promoting the Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work - Sri Lanka

To raise awareness and capacity of workers and employers to understand and exercise their rights and obligations in the workplace, increase the effectiveness of the labour administration/inspection systems, promote tripartite dialogue at different levels, and improve the capacity of the judiciary to process claims related to labour relations.

$1,402,500 International Labor Organization (ILO) 09/30/2009 09/30/2016

Enhancing National Capacity in Child Labor Data Collection, Analysis and Dissemination Through Technical Assistance to Surveys, Research and Training

$6,684,109 International Labor Organization (ILO) 09/29/2006 09/29/2012

Emergency Response to Child Labor in Selected Tsunami Affected Areas in Sri Lanka

$562,408 International Labor Organization (ILO) 09/29/2005 09/29/2008

HIV/AIDS Prevention in the World of Work

  • Integration of HIV/AIDS in the labor policies of the Ministry of Labor Relations and Foreign Employment.
  • Establishment of HIV/AIDS policies and programs in targeted workplace sectors.
  • An online resource center is established to support the development of HIV/AIDS policy and prevention programs in the workplace. 
  • A tripartite national policy statement, containing key principles to be adhered to with regard to HIV/AIDS in the world of work is adopted and widely disseminated.

$510,000 International Labor Organization (ILO) 01/01/2005 12/31/2007

HIV/AIDS Workplace Education - Sri Lanka

$420,000 International Labor Organization (ILO) 09/29/2004 09/29/2009

Prevention and Reintegration of Children Involved in Armed Conflict: An Inter-Regional Program

$7,000,000 International Labor Organization (ILO) 09/29/2003 09/29/2007

Combating Child Trafficking for Labor and Sexual Exploitation (TICSA PHASE II)

$3,000,000 International Labor Organization (ILO) 09/29/2002 09/29/2006