ILAB in Nicaragua



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Better Work Nicaragua

Better Work is a comprehensive program that brings together all levels of the apparel industry to improve working conditions and respect of labor rights for workers, while boosting the competitiveness of apparel businesses. As a result of their participation with Better Work, export apparel factories in Nicaragua have improved compliance with labor law including issues of compensation, contracts, occupational safety and health and working time. By enhancing working conditions, Better Work Nicaragua increases the factories’ productivity and profitability.

$10,000,000 International Labor Organization (ILO) 01/01/2009 12/31/2018

Strengthening the Evidence Base on Child Labor Through Expanded Data Collection, Data Analysis, and Research-Based Global Reports

$5,028,453 International Labor Organization's International Program on the Elimination of Child Labor (ILO-IPEC) 09/29/2008 09/29/2013

Comply and Win Project (Cumple y Gana for Inspection)

$8,837,260 Funpadem 09/29/2008 09/29/2012

Combating the Worst Forms of Child Labor Through Education in Nicaragua, "Enterate"

$5,000,000 American Institutes for Research 09/29/2008 09/29/2011

Working Together: Labor Rights for All (Todos y Todas Trabajamos: Derechos Laborales Para Todos y Todas)

$8,325,000 Catholic Relief Services (CRS) 09/29/2007 09/29/2013

Cultivar: Advancing Labor Rights in Agriculture

$2,749,000 Social Accountability International 09/29/2007 09/29/2011

Labor Justice Training

$2,050,000 International Labor Organization (ILO) 09/29/2006 09/29/2009

Verification of Compliance with the White Paper Recommendations

$11,610,000 International Labor Organization (ILO) 09/29/2006 09/29/2013

Combating Child Labor Through Education in Central America and the Dominican Republic, "Primero Aprendo"

$5,730,000 Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere (CARE) 09/29/2004 09/29/2009

Combating Child Labor in the Commercial Agricultural Sector

$3,839,807 International Labor Organization's International Program on the Elimination of Child Labor (ILO-IPEC) 09/29/2003 09/29/2006