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Madagascar Shines: Reducing Child Labor in Mica-Producing Communities of Madagascar

The Madagascar Shines project aims to reduce child labor in mica-producing communities in the Anôsy region of Madagascar through community engagement, coordination, and capacity building.

$4,500,000 Pact 02/14/2022 06/09/2025

Eliminating Child Labor in Mica-Producing Communities and Promoting Responsible Mica Sourcing in Madagascar and Globally (MICA)

The goal of the UNDP’s MICA project is to eliminate child labor in four communes in Madagascar and to promote environmentally- and socially-responsible mica mining by bolstering the resiliency of vulnerable households in mica producing communities, building government capacity, and increasing engagement with stakeholders.

$4,500,000 United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) 12/16/2020 09/15/2021

Evidence to Action: Increasing the Impact of Research to Mobilize Efforts against Forced Labor

This project aims to promote increased use of forced labor research in policy and programmatic decision-making to help eliminate forced labor around the world. The project will achieve this by increasing knowledge through robust research on forced labor in the textile and garment sector and engaging decision makers and stakeholders to use this knowledge to take actions against forced labor.

$3,000,000 International Labor Organization (ILO) 12/15/2019 12/14/2023

Supporting Sustainable and Child Labor Free Vanilla-Growing Communities in SAVA (SAVABE)

The SAVABE project will aim to reduce child labor in the production of vanilla in the Sava region of Madagascar. The project will assist the vanilla industry to eliminate child labor in Madagascar’s vanilla supply chain and will build the capacity of Madagascar’s law enforcement to enforce child labor laws.

$4,000,000 International Labor Organization (ILO) 11/01/2016 08/31/2020

Combating Exploitive Child Labor in Madagascar

$4,500,000 Pact 09/29/2008 09/29/2012

Combating the Worst Forms of Child Labor in Madagascar – IPEC's Contribution to the National Action Plan to Eliminate Child Labor

$4,750,000 International Labor Organization (ILO) 09/29/2004 09/29/2009


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