ILAB in Argentina



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Evidence to Action: Increasing the Impact of Research to Mobilize Efforts against Forced Labor

This project aims to promote increased use of forced labor research in policy and programmatic decision-making to help eliminate forced labor around the world. The project will achieve this by increasing knowledge through robust research on forced labor in the textile and garment sector and engaging decision makers and stakeholders to use this knowledge to take actions against forced labor.

$3,000,000 International Labor Organization (ILO) 12/15/2019 12/14/2023

Improving the Capacity of Labor and Agriculture Stakeholders to Address Child Labor in Agricultural Areas of Argentina Project

This project is building the capacity of labor and agriculture stakeholders to more effectively implement the National Action Plan on Child Labor and coordinate efforts to combat child labor. The project is generating knowledge and information on child labor and adolescent work in agriculture; raising awareness of and advocating for a solution to the problem; and helping labor and agriculture stakeholders build their capacity to address child labor by designing local-level models, methodologies, and tools.

$2,500,000 International Labor Organization (ILO) 01/01/2019 08/31/2023

Multi-stakeholder Strategy for Child Labor Elimination in Agriculture in Argentina

This project is raising the visibility and understanding of child labor in agriculture in Argentina and contributing to improved tools and coordination among government entities, the private sector, and civil society to confront the problem. It focuses on the provinces of Tucumán, Misiones, and Buenos Aires. The project is working with the private sector to develop agricultural certifications and mechanisms for addressing child labor in yerba mate and blueberry production.

$2,500,000 Desarrollo y Autogestión (DYA) 01/01/2019 12/31/2022

Attaining Lasting Change (ATLAS)

The ATLAS project seeks to build the capacity of governments to more effectively combat child labor, forced labor, and human trafficking by helping them strengthen their laws and regulations, improve their capacity to enforce them, and strengthen coordination between law enforcement and social protection entities.

$8,800,000 Winrock International 01/01/2019 03/28/2023

Measurement, Awareness-Raising, and Policy Engagement (MAP 16) Project on Child Labor and Forced Labor

The United States supports the goal of bringing meaningful change to the lives of the 152 million child laborers and the 25 million adults and children in forced labor around the world by eradicating child labor, forced labor and human trafficking.

$23,945,000 International Labor Organization (ILO) 12/09/2016 12/31/2023

Project to Promote Workplace-Based Training for Vulnerable Youth in Argentina

Project Noemi is helping bridge the skills gap in Argentina by increasing the number and quality of on-the-job training programs, such as internships and apprenticeships, while ensuring these opportunities are accessible to the youth who need them the most. The project is supporting improvements in the legal and policy framework surrounding youth training, raising awareness about the benefits of work-based training, documenting and disseminating good apprenticeship practices in Argentina, and helping both public and private sector youth training programs to increase their effectiveness.

$3,300,000 Desarrollo y Autogestión (DYA) 11/09/2016 04/30/2023

Promoting Apprenticeship as a Path for Youth Employment in Argentina, Costa Rica, and Kenya through Global Apprenticeships Network (GAN) National Networks

The Promoting Apprenticeship as a Path for Youth Employment Project (GAN) worked directly with employers, workers’ organizations, and governments to help increase the number of apprenticeship opportunities for vulnerable youth in Argentina, Costa Rica, and Kenya. The project created and strengthened private sector networks in support of apprenticeship and other types of work-based training, such as internships, in all three countries. It helped employers launch quality work training programs while ensuring these programs were accessible to disadvantaged youth.

$5,000,000 Global Apprenticeships Network (GAN) 09/01/2016 07/31/2021

Building a Generation of Safe and Healthy Workers: SafeYouth@Work

This global, multi-country project sought to improve occupational safety and health issues of young workers, and to promote a culture of prevention of occupational illness and injury.  Programming placed a particular focus on those aged 15-24, who, as they join the workforce, may be positioned to contribute to a sustainable and prevention-focused OSH culture.    

$11,443,156 International Labor Organization (ILO) 12/31/2014 12/31/2019

Mediation/Arbitration Training - Argentina

$212,746 Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service 09/29/2001 09/29/2002