Building the Capacity of the Philippines Labor Inspectorate

Project Duration
December 2014
August 2019
Funding and Year

The Problem

In recent years, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) of the Philippines has undertaken initiatives to strengthen its Labor Law Compliance System (LLCS). The new LLCS creates a culture of voluntary compliance on labor and Occupational Safety and Health standards among companies, where employers and workers equally play important roles through joint assessments, so that they effect immediate correction. While progress has been made, further work is needed to strengthen the human and institutional capacity of the inspectorate throughout the country. In particular, the DOLE has not yet completed a review of its internal governance systems and procedures to align with its new policy focus. The recently set LLCS-Management Information System (MIS) requires major software and security upgrades and additional pilot roll-out, and training of DOLE officials on use of the software and the overall LLCS-MIS to support workplace assessments. Moreover, many Labor Law Compliance Officers do not fully grasp their roles in practical and operational terms for implementing this new approach. Furthermore workers and employers have yet to gain a full understanding of the new LLCS process and their potential contribution to and role in the system.

Our Strategy

Workplace compliance with labor laws and regulations is strengthened by:

  • Improving the effectiveness of labor inspections; and
  • Improving the effectiveness of workers, employers, and their representatives in monitoring labor rights and conducting joint assessments.

By developing a supportive internal and external environment within DOLE and increasing the knowledge and abilities of the LLCOs, they will be able to effectively carry out their functions. Part of developing the external environment requires workers, employers, and their representatives to have greater awareness and ability to monitor labor conditions and conduct joint assessments. The project employs a combination of technical advisory services, capacity building, advocacy, and information dissemination. 

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