david rutenberg

David was selected to the Honors Attorney program after clerking for a judge on the U.S. Court of Federal Claims in Washington, D.C., which provided him with keen insights into the important role government attorneys play in framing and litigating important legal issues. As soon as he started in the program, David was granted opportunities “right off the bat” to start working on consequential legal assignments just weeks after coming on board.

David now serves as a Senior Trial Attorney in the Philadelphia, Chicago, and New York regions. He works in Wage and Hour, Occupational Safety and Health Act, Employee Retirement Income Security Act, and Whistleblower program areas and, among other things, currently serves as the offices’ attorney point of contact for government contracts for the region in addition to being point of contact for one of the OSHA area offices. David has primarily engaged in litigation, which he says has provided him the opportunity for multiple trials and handles several matters representing core priorities of SOL and its client agencies.

“The Honors Program served as a strong basis to kickstart my career here in the Office of the Solicitor by providing broad exposure to and engagement in a wide range of legal issues across many of the statutes we enforce, early in my career.”