SOL Organizational Chart

The Solicitor of Labor is Kate S. O’Scannlain. Ms. O’Scannlain’s Supervisory Staff Assistnat is Terri Johnson. The Deputy Solicitor of Labor is Timothy Taylor. Mr. Taylor’s Staff Assistant is Arion Jones. The Solicitor of Labor oversees the Deputy Solicitor for Regional Enforcement and the Deputy Solicitor for National Operations. The Deputy Solicitor for Regional Enforcement is Katherine E. Bissell. The Deputy for National Operations is Stanley E. Keen. Ms. Vianca Brimm Velarde is the Staff Assistant for both Deputy Solicitors.

Ms. Bissell, Deputy Solicitor for Regional Enforcement, oversees the Regional Offices of Atlanta, Nashville, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Kansas City, Dallas, New York, Philadelphia, Arlington, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle.

Mr. Stanley E. Keen, Deputy Solicitor of National Operations, oversees the National Offices of Black Lung and Longshore Legal Services, Civil Rights & Labor-Management, Employment & Training Legal Services, Fair Labor Standards, Federal Employees’ and Energy Worker’s Compensation, Management & Administrative Legal Services, Mine Safety & Health, Occupational Safety & Health, Office of Legal Counsel, and Plan Benefits Security.

Effective June 12, 2020.