Public Use Data for Workers’ Rights - Access, Assertion, and Knowledge. Survey of Public Opinion of the U.S. Working Population on Worker Rights

Release Date: November 2013
Time Period of Data Collection: 2013
Brief Description: Survey data from the project to develop a measure of WRAAK and to pilot test methods for collecting data on WRAAK from miners.
Geographic Coverage: Regional
Study Populations: Miners
Unit(s) of Observation: Individuals
Topics: Worker Protection, Labor Standards, and Workplace-Related Benefits
Research method: Survey
DOL Partner Agency: Mine Safety and Health Administration
Sampling Method: Two data collection methods were implemented:
  • Paper surveys distributed through state grantee training sessions. ERG distributed survey packets (including the survey instrument, FAQs, and a self-addressed stamped envelope) to instructors of state grantee funded mine safety and health training courses who would distribute the survey to their trainees.
  • Online survey with recruitment through newspaper advertisements. Information about the survey was distributed through advertisements in local newspapers. Miners interested in responding could call the toll-free phone number or visit the website to participate.

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