The purpose of the project is to build evidence on career pathways employment and training strategies and inform further career pathways systems and program development. Several sub-studies will leverage existing data to: (1) answer specific questions related to worker supply and employer demand in the broader context of the labor market in which career pathways programs operate; (2) provide insight about the effectiveness of career pathways program components; and (3) identify trends to inform the design of career pathways initiatives at program and systems levels.

Research Questions:

  • How do workers progress through multiple, progressively higher levels of education and training, and associated jobs, within a pathway over time? How does the demand for workers and credentials map to employer demand? How do these career trajectories vary by business and industry sector and by occupational cluster?
  • How can previous research studies on career pathways programs and components be systematically assessed to derive conclusions about that growing and complex body of research?
  • Can predictive analytics, machine learning and related approaches to encode and analyze existing data help to identify trends and patterns within existing career pathways study data that were not revealed through traditional analyses? What trends are revealed? How might these approaches improve procedures and the ability to identify themes and data?
  • To what extent can we identify: which components of career pathways programs are the strongest drivers of impacts? For what demographic groups? The most effective components at the program level or systems level?

Project Duration: 36 Months

Contract End Date: September 2021

Contractor: Abt Associates

For More Information: ChiefEvaluationOffice@dol.gov