The CRC protects the civil rights of individuals who:

  • apply to;
  • participate in;
  • work for; or
  • come into contact with programs and activities that are supported by DOL.

The CRC usually cannot process complaints filed by people who seek employment with, are employed by, or who have been terminated from private employers. The CRC also cannot process complaints that concern programs and activities that are not supported by DOL.

This resource explains what CRC can do. If CRC is not the right place to turn for assistance, this list also provides information on other federal agencies that may be able to help. More information can be found at DOL’s Office of External Enforcement

The CRC also handles complaints filed by applicants to, and employees of, the U.S. Department of Labor (but not other Federal agencies). More information can be found at DOL's Office of Internal Enforcement.

Other Federal Agencies that protect your civil rights