Decisions of the Administrative Review Board
October 2002

Kelley v. Heartland Express, Inc. of Iowa , ARB No. 00-049, ALJ Nos. 1999-STA-29 (ARB Oct. 28, 2002) (Final Decision & Order of Dismissal)

Migliore v. Rhode Island Dept. of Environmental Management , ARB No. 99-118, ALJ No. 1998-SWD-3 (ARB Oct. 23, 2002) (Order)

McQuade v. Oak Ridge Operations Office, U.S. Dept. of Energy , ARB No. 02-087, ALJ Nos. 1999-CAA-7 to 10 (ARB Oct. 18, 2002) (Order Dismissing Appeal)

Pickett v. Tennessee Valley Authority , ARB No. 02-076, ALJ No. 2001-CAA-18 (ARB Oct. 9, 2002) (Order Dismissing Appeal)

USDOL v. Rood Trucking Co., Inc. , ARB No. 02-107, ALJ No. 2001-SCA-17 (ARB Oct. 7, 2002) (Order Granting Administrator's Motion to Withdraw Petition for Review)

Ewald v. Commonwealth of Virginia Dept. of Waste Management , ARB No. 02-027, ALJ No. 1989-SDW-1 (ARB Oct. 4, 2002) (Order)