U.S. Department of Labor

Office of Workers' Compensation Programs

Medical Fee Schedule, July 18, 2010

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The OWCP fee schedule for 2010 is being offered in electronic format only. There are ten files, altogether: seven files are in Microsoft® EXCEL; and three files are in Microsoft® WORD.

AMA CPT©, ADA CDT©, HCPCS, and OWCP codes are listed.

Note: Most of these files are formatted in "landscape." When printing hard copies, retrieve into the correct format to avoid wrapping the tables.

File Name Description

1. ccr10.xls Cost to charge ratio tables for inpatient non PPS hospital services

2. fs10_asc_pymt_grp.xls List of surgical procedures allowable for facility fee payment to Ambulatory Surgical Center

3. fs10_code_rvu_cf.xls CPT, HCPCS, ADA & OWCP codes with RVU and conversion factors

4. fs10_gpci-by-msa.xls Geographic Practice Cost Indices by MSA

5. fs10_gpci-by-zip.xls Geographic Practice Cost Indices by ZIP code

6. fs10_mod_table.xls Modifier level table for quick reference

7. fs10rcc_req_cpt.xls RCC codes requiring CPT/HCPCS/OWCP codes for outpatient hospital services

8. fs10_anesthesia_tables.xls List of anesthesia Procedure codes with base units, zip-code conversion factor and anesthesia modifiers

9. Ambulatory Surgery Centers Payment Policy Detailed instructions for free-standing ambulatory surgery centers

10. Anesthesia Services Policy.doc Detailed instruction for Anesthesia services.

11. Public Use File directory; 2010.doc This document

12. Read Me First, fs10_instructions.doc Introduction and explanation of OWCP fee schedule

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CPT© American Medical Association, copyright 2009 (CY 2010), all rights reserved.

CDT© American Dental Association, copyright 2009 (CY 2010), all rights reserved.