Sample Listing of Medical Conditions

with Likely Secondary Disorders

Disorders secondary to Chronic Beryllium Disease (CBD) or its treatment due to steroid use (such as Prednisone)

· Hypoxemia (low oxygen levels at exercise, rest or with sleep)

· Airflow obstruction/wheezing (asthma-like presentation of CBD)

· Right heart failure, Cor pulmonale

· Pulmonary hypertension

· Respiratory infections (Pneumonia, Acute Bronchitis)

· Spontaneous Pneumothorax

· Deconditioning secondary to chronic lung disease

· Joint Aches (this is a symptom)

· Hyperuricemia, Gout

· Hypercalcemia/hypercalciuria

· Granulomatous Hepatitis

· Skin Nodules/Ulceration

· Aggravation of sleep apnea due to hypoxemia of CBD

· Weight gain

· Elevated blood pressure

· Elevated Cholesterol and abnormal lipids

· Liver function abnormalities

· Blood sugar change

· Diabetes

· Eye/vision problems such as cataracts, glaucoma, and visual acuity changes

· Gastrointestinal conditions such as gastric reflux or peptic ulcers

· Psychiatric or psychological conditions such as depression or anxiety

· Skin problems such as thrush or other fungal infections

· Metabolic changes such as folic acid depletion

· Decreased immune response leading to infections and viruses

· Decreased bone density leading to osteoporosis/osteopenia

Disorders secondary to Silicosis

· Hypoxemia

· Right heart failure, Cor pulmonale

· Pulmonary Hypertension

· Deconditioning secondary to chronic lung disease

· Progressive Massive Fibrosis

· Silicotuberculosis

Disorders secondary to prednisone treatment

· Cataracts

· Glaucoma

· Visual acuity changes

· Diabetes Mellitus

· Osteoporosis

· Osteopenia

· Gastric reflux

· Peptic ulcers

· Elevated blood pressure

· Elevated cholesterol

· Abnormal lipid profiles

· Sleep disorders

· Weight gain

· Myopathy, dermal atrophy

· Increased intracranial pressure

Other disorders

· Oral thrush and other fungal infections secondary to inhaled steroids, immunosuppression

· Folic acid depletion secondary to Methotrexate

· Infections due to immunosuppression (bacterial and viral)

· Post-herpetic neuralgia secondary to Herpes Zoster

· Flare due to immunosuppression

Tinnitus – this condition is typically synonymous with sensorineural hearing loss. Tinnitus can be considered as a separate, stand alone condition or as consequential to sensorineural hearing loss.