Note: In cases of subcontractor employment, the evidence varies greatly between employees and facilities, so there is no “one-size fits all.” Sometimes proof of employment with SSA in conjunction with a DOE clearance and a job category that could only be performed on site (plumber) is sufficient, other times more is needed. What follows is an outline that attempts to include most everything, but keep in mind this is just a model. As long as the memo delineates the evidence used to support 1) employment with a company that had 2) a contract to perform services on site at a DOE facility and 3) the employee was so employed providing those services on that site during those years, then the memo is complete.





SUBJECT: Subcontractor Employment

This is a case involving a claim of subcontractor employment. Mr. Johnson claimed subcontractor employment at (name of facility) for the following period(s) of time (list period claimed on claim form). He stated that he worked as a (name of trade, job title) for the following employers (list the names of the companies for whom he claims to have been employed) at (name of facility) doing (identify service on site). Evidence in the file regarding employment was submitted, and is summarized below (use only those items for which there is corresponding evidence).

DOE provided (and then specify what DOE provided, such as clearance records, infirmary records, dose records). List those here with the date of each record and any other pertinent information on the record, such as name of employer or location of work.

Example 1: July 10, 1984 report from the BNL health unit reporting that he got something in his eyes while welding some pipe in the XX building.

Example 2: DOE provided a clearance card indicating that Mr. Johnson was granted a “Q” clearance on June 10, 1984 to August 30, 1984. The clearance card identifies his employer as Smalls Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

Records from the SSA were also obtained. For the period claimed, they identify the following employers during the noted years (list).

Example: 1985 Smalls Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

A review of the CPWR database was conducted and it showed (explain which subcontractors show up in database and for what periods of time, for example some case files still have detailed union log sheets, some have news clipping about subcontractors linking them to a facility – all this needs to be delineated)

Example: Smalls Mechanical Contractors, Inc. – CPWR BtComp database indicates that Smalls was a BNL subcontractor for the period of June 18, 1984 through August 30, 1985.

Other documentation submitted included (list anything else submitted in the case that bears on the question of whether the employee provided a service on site at the facility for a given employer during the years so employed)

Example: A news clipping from the Tri-Cities Herald shows a photo of a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Hanford for the construction of XYZ and identifies Smalls Mechanical Contractors, Inc. as one of the subcontractors on the project.

The following affidavits were also submitted (list every single affiant and what they attest – OK to summarize…if same affiant attests more than once, that also needs to be noted, especially if the attestations are inconsistent with each other).

Example: Paul Smith, work associate and friend, attested that the employee worked for Smalls

Mechanical Contractors at BNL from June 1984 to August 1985. The work involved the cryogenics lab and the Isabelle project.

After reviewing all this documentation, I conclude that Mr. Johnson’s employment for (list dates) is a covered DOE subcontractor. For this period, SSA records (or union records or whatever evidence is used) demonstrate he worked for (name of company), and according to CPWR, there was a subcontract in place between (company) and (facility) for (years). Additionally, there was an infirmary record from DOE which identifies Mr. Johnson as having been onsite during the period. His co-worker Mr. Smith also attested to the period…….

With regard to the period (dates), I find that the evidence falls short of meeting the standard for covered subcontractor employment because….and then give reason – no evidence of being onsite, no evidence of contract, dates don’t match up.