Significant Asbestos Exposure:

Associated Labor Categories and Job Tasks [1]

Automotive mechanic; Vehicle mechanic; Vehicle maintenance mechanic


Carpenter; Drywaller; Plasterer

Demolition technician; Laborer

Electrical mechanic; Electrician; Floor covering worker

Furnace & saw operator; Furnace builder; Furnace operator; Furnace puller; Furnace technician; Furnace tender; Furnace unloader

Glazier; Glass installer; Glazer

Grinder operator; Mason (concrete grinding); Tool grinder; Maintenance mechanic (general grinding); Welder (general grinding); Machinist (machine grinding)

Insulation worker; Insulation trade worker; Insulator

Ironworker; Ironworker-rigger

Maintenance mechanic; Electrician; Insulator;

Mason; Brick & tile mason; Concrete and terrazzo worker; Bricklayer, Tilesetter


Heavy equipment operator; Operating Engineer


Pipefitter, Plumber steamfitter; Plumber/pipefitter; Plumbing & pipefitting mechanic; Plumbing technician, Steamfitter


Sheet metal mechanic; Sheet metal fabricator/installer

Welder; Welder burner; Welder mechanic

[1] Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, Case Studies in Environmental Medicine, Asbestos Toxicity, January 29, 2014.