Below are the head notes for the FAB decisions and orders relating to the topic heading, Chronic Silicosis. The head notes are grouped under the following subheadings: Definition of employee with chronic silicosis, and Medical evidence. To view a particular decision or order in its entirety, click on the hyperlink for that decision or order at the end of the head note.

Definition of employee with chronic silicosis

  • In a claim for chronic silicosis under Part B, claimant must establish that the employee was a DOE employee or a DOE contractor employee who was present for a number of workdays aggregating at least 250 workdays during the mining of tunnels at a DOE facility located in Nevada or Alaska for tests or experiments related to an atomic weapon. EEOICPA Fin. Dec. No. 366-2002 (Dep’t of Labor, June 3, 2003).

Medical evidence

  • A claim based on chronic silicosis under Part B must include a written diagnosis of that condition, signed by a physician, and must be accompanied by either a chest x-ray interpreted by a B reader, or the result of a CAT scan or other imaging technique, or a lung biopsy, consistent with silicosis. EEOICPA Fin. Dec. No. 55834-2004 (Dep’t of Labor, September 21, 2004).