< Completing Form LM-3


Answer Items 1 through 9 as instructed. Select the appropriate box for those questions requiring a "Yes" or "No" answer; do not leave both boxes blank. Enter a single "0" in the boxes for items requiring a number or dollar amount if there is nothing to report.

1. FILE NUMBER — The software will enter the labor organization’s 6-digit file number here and at the top of each page of Form LM-3. If the labor organization does not have the number on file and cannot obtain the number from prior reports filed with the Department, the number can be obtained from the OLMS Online Public Disclosure Room at www.unionreports.gov, or by contacting the nearest OLMS field office listed at the end of these instructions.

2. PERIOD COVERED — The software will enter the beginning and ending dates of the period covered by this report. These are the dates you entered when you started a new Form LM-3. If the dates are incorrect, you must either delete this form and start again, or contact the OLMS Help Desk at (866) 401-1109 for assistance.

If the labor organization changed its fiscal year, the ending date in Item 2 (Period Covered) should be the labor organization’s new fiscal year ending date and the labor organization should indicate in Item 56 (Additional Information) that the report is for a period of less than 12 months because its fiscal year has changed. For example, if the labor organization’s fiscal year ending date changes from June 30 to December 31, a report must be filed for the partial year from July 1 to December 31. Thereafter, the labor organization’s annual report should cover a full 12-month period from January 1 to December 31.

3. AMENDED OR TERMINAL REPORT — Do not complete this item unless this report is an amended or terminal report. Select Item 3(a) if the labor organization is filing an amended report correcting a previously filed report. Select Item 3(b) if the labor organization has gone out of business by disbanding, merging into another labor organization, or being merged and consolidated with one or more labor organizations to form a new labor organization. Be sure the date the labor organization ceased to exist is entered in Item 2 (Period Covered) after the word "Through." See Section XII (Labor Organizations That Have Ceased to Exist) of these instructions for more information on filing a terminal report.

4. AFFILIATION OR ORGANIZATION NAME — The software accesses this information from the OLMS database and will enter the name of the national or international labor organization that granted the labor organization a charter. "Affiliates," within the meaning of these instructions, are labor organizations chartered by the same parent body, governed by the same constitution and bylaws, or having the relationship of parent and subordinate. For example, a parent body is an affiliate of all of its subordinate bodies, and all subordinate bodies of the same parent body are affiliates of each other.

If the labor organization has not reported such an affiliation, the software will enter the name of the labor organization as currently identified in the labor organization's constitution and bylaws or other organizational documents.

This item cannot be edited. If the labor organization needs to change this information, contact OLMS at (202) 693-0123.

5. DESIGNATION — The software will enter the specific designation that is used to identify the labor organization, such as Local, Lodge, Branch, Joint Board, Joint Council, District Council, etc. This field cannot be edited.

6. DESIGNATION NUMBER — The software will enter the number or other identifier, if any, by which the labor organization is known. This field cannot be edited.

7. UNIT NAME — The software will enter any additional or alternate name by which the labor organization is known, such as "Chicago Area Local." This field cannot be edited.

8. MAILING ADDRESS — The software will enter the current address where mail is most likely to reach the labor organization as quickly as possible. The first and last name of the person, if any, to whom such mail should be sent and any building and room number should be included. These fields are pre-filled from the OLMS database but can be edited by the filer.

9. PLACE WHERE RECORDS ARE KEPT — If the records required to be kept by the labor organization to verify this report are kept at the address reported in Item 8 (Mailing Address), answer "Yes." If not, answer "No" and provide in Item 56 (Additional Information) the address where the labor organization's records are kept.



Last Updated: 07-01-16