APR 02 2010

LM File No. 015-667

John M. DeLosSantos
Financial Secretary
United Auto Workers Local 475
3404 Elkton Drive
Jackson, MI 49203

Dear Mr. DeLosSantos:

This is in response to your continuing hardship exemption request for United Auto Workers Local 475, LM File Number 015-667, for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2009, until May 31, 2010. Your request dated March 19, 2010 was received by the Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS) on March 24, 2010. A continuing hardship exemption request requires the requesting union to demonstrate that it cannot file Form LM-2 electronically without undue burden or expense.

You based your request upon the following information stated in your letter:

You have in the past filed Form LM-3, but must file a Form LM-2 for your FY 2009, because your income exceeded the limit for Form LM-3. It is your intention to electronically file your Form LM-2 as soon as you receive digital signatures for your officers.

OLMS grants your continuing hardship exemption request for filing Form LM-2 electronically for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2009, based on the information provided, until May 31, 2010. Although OLMS received the hardcopy Form LM-2 report that you mailed to OLMS, it was subsequently returned to you. Please ensure that you have checked Item 3(b) to indicate that you are filing the form under a hardship exemption, check that the form is accurate and properly signed, and then return it to OLMS.

If you have any further questions about filing Form LM-2 pursuant to the hardship exemption, please call 202-693-0123 and reference your organization’s LM file number.



Andrew R. Davis, Chief
Division of Interpretations
and Standards

cc: Larry King, Chief, Division of Reports, Disclosure & Audits




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