The Voluntary Compliance Partnership (VCP) program is a strategic leadership program initiated by the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS). In VCP, OLMS partners with international/national labor unions to assist their local and other affiliate unions in complying with requirements of the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act (LMRDA), a statute that establishes standards for union democracy and financial safeguards to protect union funds.

VCP focuses on the following compliance initiatives: (a) improving the timely filing of the annual union financial reports; (b) confirming the filing of affiliate union constitutions and bylaws; (c) ensuring all affiliate unions are adequately bonded; (d) providing a review of union embezzlement methods and areas of financial concern in order to develop safeguards to prevent the misuse of union funds; (e) sharing the results of compliance audit and desk audits conducted by OLMS; and (f) sharing internal controls and other financial best practices, audit guidelines, and training materials.

Annually, OLMS prepares a packet of information and provides it to the VCP national/international union participants. This information includes a summary analysis for each of the compliance initiatives. Additionally, the packet includes the following information:

  • List of affiliate late filers including the number of days late for the past two years;
  • List of Constitution and Bylaws data for the last year;
  • List of affiliates that may need to increase or properly report their bond amount for the past two years;
  • For those affiliates that were, unfortunately, victims of an embezzlement, a chart that describes the method of embezzlement;
  • Copies of the affiliate audit closing letters issued by OLMS;
  • A desk audit analysis that assesses whether affiliate reporting items are completed, the report is consistent, and Additional Information entries are adequate; and
  • Links to applicable compliance assistance information and OLMS compliance tips and fact sheets.

As a part of VCP, every month, OLMS provides the Delinquent Affiliates Report, which is a list of affiliates that, according to OLMS records, have not filed their annual reports as of the date of the report. In addition, OLMS provides union-specific training and/or participates in union conferences and training sessions, as well as provides other tailored guidance through the year. The national/international union will provide copies of the most recent bonding policy, including any riders and endorsements. Additionally, based on the aforementioned information and follow-up strategies discussed with OLMS, the national/international unions will work with their affiliates to ensure LMRDA compliance.

If you wish to participate in the VCP program or have any questions, please contact OLMS via email at or by phone at (202) 693-0123. You may also find more information concerning OLMS and the LMRDA on the agency website at:


Last Updated: 6-16-21