Number 01-18

July 13, 2018

OLMS Compliance Assistance Publication, Electing Local Union Officers by Mail, updated on the OLMS Website   

On July 12, 2018, OLMS posted on its website an updated version of the compliance assistance publication, entitled “Electing Local Union Officers by Mail.” 

The below language, in blue text, was added to the publication’s Return Ballot Envelope section (as well as similar language added in the Unmarked Ballot section):

Return Ballot Envelope

This envelope will be used by the voter to return the Secret Ballot Envelope with the marked ballot sealed inside. It should be pre-addressed to the post office box for returned voted ballots and contain space for the voter to print his or her name and address in the upper left corner. If a voter identification number has been assigned (which corresponds to the voter's number on the voter eligibility list), it should appear in the lower left corner of this envelope.

Avoid placing any voter address information on the reverse side of the return ballot envelope. If the union uses pre-printed labels containing voter names and addresses for voter identification purposes, the labels should be affixed to the front, upper left corner of the return ballot envelopes, not the reverse side. Voter address information on the reverse side of the return ballot envelope can result in the voted ballots being returned to the voter rather than being sent for inclusion in the ballot count.

If you have any questions concerning this update, please contact OLMS at olms-public@dol.gov or (202) 693-0123.



Last Updated: 07-16-18