Number: 04-03

November 26, 2003

Form LM-2 and Form T-1 PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint presentations on the revised Form LM-2 and new Form T-1 made available by The Department of Labor's Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS).

The following PowerPoint presentations are available for download from:

  • Form LM-2 with audio
  • Form LM-2 without audio
  • Form T-1 with audio
  • Form T-1 without audio
  • Bookkeeping for Form LM-2 with audio
  • Bookkeeping for Form LM-2 without audio

The presentations with audio are extremely large and are only recommended for users with a high speed Internet connection. The are compressed zip files and the presentations must be extracted before use.

The presentation without audio are not zipped and may be viewed in their current format (PowerPoint Show --.pps) after download.

Don't forget to bookmark the OLMS Web site at for the latest information!

Last Updated: 11/26/03