Public Use Data for Early Effects of the 2010 Affordable Care Act on Labor Market Outcomes

Release Date: January 2015
Time Period of Data Collection: January 2005 till August 2014
Brief Description: Survey data files: Current Population Survey Basic Monthly data aggregated from January 2005 till August 2014.
Geographic Coverage: National
Study Populations: Adult Workers
Unit(s) of Observation: Individuals
Topics: Worker Protection, Labor Standards, Workplace-Related Benefits
Research method: Quasi-Experimental Design
Sampling Method: CPS Basic monthly data from Current Population Survey (CPS) Basic Monthly Data at the NBER aggregated them from January 2005 till August 2014 with information incorporated about 2014 state Medicaid expansions from Status of State Action on the Medicaid Expansion Decision was used to created a csv file with state fipcodes and indicators (0,1) for state expansions in 2014.

The CPS basic monthly was utilized to generate demographic and income variables after dropping observations if age was less than 19 or greater than 64.

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