Lifetime Employment-Related Costs to Women of Providing Family Care

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This report examines how the amount of time spent providing care to children and adults impacts women’s economic well-being, even long after the caregiving ends.

Living on Less: Persistent Gender Disparities in Income Levels, Sources for Older Adults

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This brief examines the income levels and sources for women aged 65 and older. It also considers differences by age, race/ethnicity and marital status, and discusses policy options for improving the retirement security of older women.



The Rise of Older Women Workers, 1980-2021

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Women ages 55 and older now account for more than one-in-ten U.S. workers, thanks to dramatic changes in their labor force participation over the past 40 years.

Two Years into the Pandemic, Women Ages 65 and Older Had Yet to Recover Their COVID-Related Employment Losses

Employment for many groups was fast approaching pre-pandemic levels two years after the onset of the pandemic. White, Black, and Latina women ages 65 and older, however, were still far from recovering their pandemic losses.

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