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Leah Rambo

Leah Rambo serves as the Deputy Director of the Women’s Bureau. Leah brings 35 years of experience in the labor movement to the Women’s Bureau with a focus on bringing equity and inclusion to the construction workforce. Prior to joining the Women’s Bureau, Leah began her career as an apprentice in the Sheet Metal Workers Union Local 28 in New York City. She was appointed as the first female instructor in 1998, the first female Director of Training in 2011 and the first woman to serve on the Union’s Executive Board. Her high energy and dedication have helped attract and retain an increasing number of women into the Unionized skilled trades. During her tenure as the Director of Training, SMART Local 28 increased their percentage of women in apprenticeship from 3% in 2011 to 14% in 2021. Leah is a diversity professional and holds an undergraduate degree in labor education.