Based on the cost principles of 2 CFR Part 200, Subpart E & Appendix IV for Nonprofit Organizations, and FAR 31.2 for Commercial Organizations. View the entire guide (PDF).

Note: After reviewing the guide, preparing an indirect cost proposal using the checklist on page II-4, and determining that you need to submit it to this office, please mail a hard copy of this document to the applicable CPDD address.

Examples of financial schedules for indirect cost rate proposal based on Section III of the above guide (XLS)

Note: Only provided for convenience purposes. The content of schedules must be based on the organizations' own records (Example, Exhibit D or E must be based on the organizations' chart of accounts). The applicable formulas in the document must also be verified.

To facilitate the understanding the indirect cost proposal process, please access the following presentation for: A guide with respect to Indirect Costs