A female engineer on a windfarm looking over site plans.

Centering workers in the climate transition is integral to achieving a just clean energy future. As those most impacted by climate change, workers need a voice in policies responding to it and need skills and support to succeed in a decarbonizing world.

Just Transition will institutionalize the role of workers in policymaking in the clean energy transition, including the role of collective bargaining. It is a key strategy within short- and long-term climate plans to respond to the needs of workers and communities so that governments can accelerate the shift to a net-zero economy.

How Does Just Transition Work?

Just Transition:

  • Creates good green jobs in which workers’ rights are respected and protected across supply chains.
  • Ensures that workers are at the table when there’s a discussion about the climate agenda.
  • Provides workers training so they are up to speed with the new skillsets for new industries, and social protection to ensure their needs are met during the transition.
  • Encourages companies’ investment in green industries and low carbon sectors while also promoting quality jobs and decent work in these industries.
  • Promotes investment in communities impacted by the transition.

The U.S. Government’s Role

The U.S. government works both domestically and internationally to ensure the Just Transition to a low-carbon future.

At home, Just Transition means:

Globally, Just Transition means:

  • Advocating in multilateral forums for international commitments to Just Transition policies, including through COP28 and the International Labor Conference.
  • Bringing concepts grounded in the ILO Just Transition guidelines into trade and economic agreements. For example, the U.S. is working to ensure that just transition forms a key part of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework’s pillar on the Clean Economy and in other international engagements, and we affirm our commitment to worker-centered trade policies.
  • Raising awareness of child labor and forced labor in green energy supply chains and working to eradicate these abuses.
An engineer sitting atop a wind turbine looking out over the sunset.