Individualized Learning Plan — Tips

Now that you know how to KICKSTART your Individualized Learning Plan (ILP), here are three things you can do to make the MOST out of it.

1. You can... make school more WORTHWHILE

The point of an ILP isn't to make you work more in school; it's to make school work more for YOU! Using your ILP to connect your classes with your college, job and career goals helps ensure that what you learn in school prepares you for the world of work. The result? School will feel much more worthwhile… and maybe even fun!

Talk to your advisor and teachers about finding classes, programs and activities that relate to your interests and career goals. Ask them to explain how what you learn in class will help you in college, jobs and careers.

2. You can…build a BIGGER and BETTER ILP

The reality about ILPs is that they may not be perfect in every school. However, if your ILP isn't working for you, you can make it BIGGER and BETTER by adding more activities or changing existing ones to fit your needs.

One good way to do this is to team up with your classmates, brainstorm ideas for improving your ILPs and present them to your principal. If this doesn't achieve the results you want, you can ask your friends, family and community members to help you pursue your ideas.

3. You can…take control of your ENTIRE future

Getting into college or getting a great job doesn't mean you're done. You'll also need to plan ahead if you want to take control of your ENTIRE future and achieve goals like graduating from college, pursuing an exciting career or owning a home.

After you graduate, use the strategies and skills you learned through your ILP to continue to make the most out of your life and plan for your dreams. An ILP is just the beginning!