From 2013 through 2017, ODEP funded the S@W/R2W Policy Collaborative to explore effective practices under the SAW/RTW umbrella with a goal of informing policy recommendations targeting federal and state agencies, as well as the private sector. The Collaborative included a Community of Practice and policy work groups led by subject matter experts to guide our SAW/RTW research. Below are some of the outcomes of this work.

RTW in the Health Care Sector: Promising Practices & Success Stories (2015)

Stay at Work/Return to Work

The Role of the Physician in the RTW Process (2015)

Assessing the Costs & Benefits of Return to Work Programs (2015)

Establishing Accountability to Reduce Job Loss After Injury (2015)

Promoting Retention or Re-employment of Workers after a Significant Injury or Illness (2015)

Targeting Early Intervention to Workers Who Need Help to Stay in the Labor Force (2015)

Forum: Promoting SAW/RTW Policies — Recommendations to Help Workers Who Experience Illness or Injury (10/22/2015)

State Strategies for Helping Workers Keep their Jobs after an Injury, Illness, or Disability (2016)

Behavioral Interventions to Promote Job Retention after Injury or Illness (2016)

Expanding Washington's COHE Program Beyond Workers' Compensation (2016)

Forum: Helping Workers Keep Their Jobs After an Injury, Illness, or Disability (9/13/2016)

Improving Pain Management and Support for Workers with Musculoskeletal Disorders: Policies to Prevent Work Disability and Job Loss (2017)

Improving Occupational Health Care Delivery to Support Workers' Compensation Return to Work: Building on Evidence-Based Practice from Washington's COHE Experience (2017)

Transition Back to Work: Policies to Support RTW after Illness or Injury (2017)

Webinar: Results from Year Four of the SAW/RTW Policy Collaborative (9/6/2017)

Other ODEP SAW/RTW Publications

Supporting Employees Who Experience Unexpected Illness or Disability (2014)

Employer Financial Incentives (2018)

  • Comprehensive online resource from the Employer Assistance and Resource Network on Disability Inclusion on employer incentives for disability employment hiring, stay-at-work/return-to-work programming, workplace safety and illness/injury prevention programs, and Workers' Compensation cost subsidies.

SAW/RTW Research & Publications from our Partners