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Initiatives and Accomplishments

Accessible Technology and Disability Employment Business Dialogue

ODEP, along with the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, plays a key role in a Business Dialogue on Accessible Technology and Disability Employment held by the Assistive Technology Industry Association and U.S. Business Leadership Network (USBLN). Outcomes include two roadmap reports outlining actionable steps that can be taken by the business community and federal government to facilitate the adoption of accessible technology policies and practices.

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Interview

The Work and Family Research Network, an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation grantee, publishes a "Conversation with the Experts" interview with several ODEP staff members during which they discuss the benefits of customized employment, from both the individual and employer perspective.

Blazing the Trail: A New Direction in Youth Development and Leadership

ODEP convenes more than 200 youth and adults to discuss ideas for improvements to laws, policies and communication strategies to ensure that young people are well-prepared to successfully transition to adulthood and the world of work.

"Customized Employment — Employers and Workers: Creating a Competitive Edge" Summary Report

ODEP publishes a summary report of its Customized Employment and WorkFORCE Action grants. The report outlines new and innovative practices for improving outcomes, both for individuals with disabilities and the workforce investment system, using customized employment strategies.

CVS/Caremark Alliance

ODEP signs an Alliance Agreement with CVS/Caremark to develop replicable model programs for recruiting, hiring and advancing employees with disabilities.

Disability Employment Policy Demonstration Programs Evaluation

ODEP publishes an independent evaluation of its various demonstration projects to strengthen the capacity of the workforce development system to better serve adults and youth with disabilities.

Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation: Special Issue on Customized Employment

A special issue of the Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation is dedicated to the topic of customized employment, featuring contributions from several highly respected authors and researchers in the field.

National Spinal Cord Injury Association (NSCIA) Article on Customized Employment

NSCIA publishes an article by the Assistant Secretary of Labor for Disability Employment Policy titled "Customized Employment: A Back-to-Work Strategy for Job Seekers with Spinal Cord Injury."

National Technical Assistance and Research Center to Promote Leadership for Increasing the Employment and Economic Independence of Adults with Disabilities (NTAR Leadership Center) (2007-2012)

ODEP establishes a cooperative agreement that works to build capacity across workforce and disability systems to increase the employment and self-sufficiency of adults with disabilities.

Universal Design for the Workforce Development System Toolkit

The National Center on Workforce and Disability/Adult (NCWD/Adult) publishes the first in a collection of tools, online training modules and best practice findings from the field, all of which are designed to promote a workforce development system that is responsive to both local realities and the needs of diverse businesses and jobseekers.