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Initiatives and Accomplishments

Circle of Champions

ODEP creates the Circle of Champions, a select group of businesses who received the Secretary of Labor's New Freedom Initiative Award. These businesses commit to reaching out to their peers to share best practices and innovative strategies for advancing the employment of people with disabilities.

Disability Case Study Research Consortium on Employer Organizational Practices in Employing People with Disabilities

ODEP funds a consortium of expert researchers to examine corporate culture and its impact on employment opportunities, experiences and engagement at work for persons with disabilities.

EU-US Information Exchange

In collaboration with DOL's Bureau of International Labor Affairs, ODEP hosts Exploring Employment and Retention Strategies for People with Disabilities, a two-day information exchange held as part of an agreement between DOL and the European Union.

Federal Partners in Transition Interagency Workgroup

ODEP establishes the Federal Partners in Transition Interagency Workgroup, which brings together representatives from several federal agencies whose work impacts youth, transition and disability issues.

Federal Partners on Mental Health Transformation/Employment Work Group

ODEP leads the Employment Work Group of the Federal Partners on Mental Health Transformation. Established by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, this group includes representatives from six federal agencies and is charged with addressing work as an integral part of recovery from mental illness and as part of the modernization of mental health systems.

Health Care Initiative

ODEP launches an initiative to give health care priority consideration in all of its policy efforts and bring national attention to the critical intersection between health care, disability and employment. As part of this effort, ODEP hosts a State-Federal Policy Exchange to identify solutions to the fragmented funding streams for health care and other employment and training supports.

Interagency Taskforce on the Aging of the American Workforce

ODEP plays a critical role on an interagency taskforce convened by DOL, at the request of the Senate Special Committee on Aging, to address issues created by the "graying" of the American workforce.

ODEP Alliance Program

ODEP launches a formal Alliance program to foster collaboration with external organizations committed to improving disability employment. Shortly thereafter, it signs its first Alliance Agreement with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the world's largest association devoted to human resource management.

Self-Employment Technical Assistance, Resources, & Training (START-UP) (2006-2011)

ODEP funds START-UP grants in three states and a national technical assistance initiative to develop models for increasing access to self-employment and entrepreneurship for youth and adults with disabilities and advance relevant policy change.