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Initiatives and Accomplishments

Confirmation of Dr. W. Roy Grizzard

The U.S. Senate confirms Dr. W. Roy Grizzard as the first Assistant Secretary of Labor for Disability Employment Policy.

Customized Employment Grants (2002-2007)

ODEP funds additional grants to increase the capacity of the workforce development system to serve individuals with significant disabilities through the use of customized employment strategies.


ODEP leads the development and launch of DisabilityInfo.gov, the first interagency website for disability-related information and resources.

Disability Mentoring Day

ODEP partners with the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) as a national co-sponsor of Disability Mentoring Day, an annual event that promotes career development for students and job seekers with disabilities through hands-on work experience and job shadowing.

Disability Program Navigator Initiative

ODEP collaborates with DOL's Employment & Training Administration (ETA) and the Social Security Administration to launch the Disability Program Navigator initiative to increase the capacity of the workforce development system to serve people with disabilities.

Employment and Transportation Summit

ODEP and the U.S. Department of Transportation co-sponsor an Employment and Transportation Summit to develop strategies to provide greater access to transportation systems for individuals with disabilities.

High School/High Tech (HS/HT) Grants (2002-2003)

ODEP funds additional grants to assist states, working in partnership with state Workforce Investment Boards, to implement HS/HT programs and integrate them into youth services funded under WIA.

Improving Employment Outcomes for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities through Access to Post Secondary Education Roundtable

ODEP convenes national experts to discuss barriers to accessing post secondary programs for people with intellectual disabilities and explore strategies for systems change.

Innovative Demonstration Grants for Youth with Disabilities (2002-2003)

ODEP funds additional grants to improve the ability of youth service programs to improve transition outcomes for young people with disabilities.

National Forum on Reauthorization of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA)

ODEP and ETA jointly sponsor a national forum designed to ensure that the needs of people with disabilities are fully considered during reauthorization of WIA.

Secretary of Labor's New Freedom Initiative Awards

The Secretary of Labor establishes the New Freedom Initiative award program to recognize innovative efforts to recruit, hire and promote people with disabilities.

Telework/Telecommuting Pilot Demonstration Grant for Adults with Significant Disabilities (2002-2003)

ODEP funds three pilot demonstration projects designed to evaluate the extent to and manner in which various home-based telework/telecommuting arrangements can enhance the employment of people with disabilities.

Training and Technical Assistance for Providers (T-TAP) (2002-2007)

ODEP funds a cooperative agreement to implement T-TAP, a national effort to increase the capacity of community rehabilitation programs and other community-based service providers to promote integrated, competitive employment for people with disabilities through customized employment strategies.

U.S. Business Leadership Network (USBLN®)

The Business Leadership Network (BLN) program becomes its own entity as the USBLN®, an umbrella organization that promotes the development and growth of BLN chapters nationwide.

Working for Freedom, Opportunity and Real Choice Through Community Employment (WorkFORCE) Action Grants (2002-2007)

ODEP funds WorkFORCE Action grants to expand the use of customized employment strategies for individuals with disabilities transitioning from segregated environments, so that they may more fully live, work and participate in their communities.