Are you a contracting firm with expertise in social science research and labor-related topics? The Chief Evaluation Office (CEO) wants to hear from you. Read on to learn more about how to work with CEO.

CEO is an independent evaluation office that coordinates, manages, and implements the Department of Labor's (DOL) evaluation program. CEO also manages DOL’s Data Analytics Unit and works closely with all offices and agencies throughout DOL to develop and implement evaluations and analytics projects that address priorities set by the Secretary of Labor and the department's agencies through the learning agenda process. In our work, we ensure that research is conducted with scientific integrity, and uphold the five key principles of rigor, relevance, transparency, independence and ethics of the Department’s Evaluation Policy. CEO works with 17 DOL sub-agencies and many federal agency partners to generate rigorous research in support of the department’s mission. You can learn more about CEO and about our typical research development process on our website. For examples of current projects, you can view our current studies webpage, and for planned projects for fiscal year 2023, please review DOL’s Evaluation Plan.

CEO seeks firms with capabilities that span many types of technical skills and areas of subject matter expertise, and has frequent needs for contractor services to support our evaluation and research activities, including not only conducting the research itself, but many other communications, review, and research-adjacent activities as well. Please see the links below to learn more about what we are looking for, and how your company can work with CEO.

Learn more about CEO's needs for contractor support: 

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