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The Office of the Chief Information Officer is under the leadership of the Chief Information Officer Gundeep Ahluwalia, with Deputy Chief Information Officer (DCIO) Louis (Lou) Charlier, Deputy Chief Information Officer Rick Kryger, and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Paul Blahusch.

Lou Charlier oversees the Directorate of Client Engagement and Program Management (Vacant), the Directorate of Information Technology Operations and Services (Sanjay Koyani), and the Directorate of Technology, Innovation and Engineering (Mangala Kuppa). Rick Kryger oversees the Directorate of Administration, Business Management and Governance (Leo Miller), the Directorate of Business Application Services (Thomas Flagg), and the Directorate of Digital Transformation (Akansha Sharma). Paul Blahusch oversees the Directorate of Cybersecurity (Karl Hellmann, Deputy CISO).