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Executive Leadership

Gundeep Ahluwalia

Chief Information Officer
Gundeep Ahluwalia

Gundeep Ahluwalia is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the U.S. Department of Labor. Since assuming his role as CIO in October 2016, Ahluwalia has lead information technology growth and transformation at the Department. He provides strategic leadership for IT capital planning, project initiatives, talent acquisition and enterprise services - ultimately advancing the Department's mission-critical work. 

Louis Charlier

Deputy Chief Information Officer
Louis Charlier

Louis Charlier has served in OCIO since 2006 and currently serves as the Deputy Chief Information Officer. He spent the last seven years as the Director of Infrastructure Services (now IT Operations and Services). In that role, he was the principal advisor to OCIO leadership, Departmental executives, and key agency managers for large-scale IT initiatives. He also assisted in the planning, directing, and administering of a comprehensive IT program for the Department that provided tactical day to day leadership, organization stability, and technical expertise.

Rick Kryger

Deputy Chief Information Officer
Rick Kryger

Rick Kryger is a leader and manager with over 20 years of experience in information technology systems development, maintenance, and operations for the U.S. Department of Labor, Currently, he serves as the Deputy Chief Information Officer in the Office of the Chief Information Officer.


Leo Miller

Directorate Administration, Business Management & Governance
Leo Miller, Director

This team oversees financial management, procurement strategy and operational effectiveness to achieve economies of scale. The Directorate provides IT strategic sourcing and acquisition expertise to streamline purchasing and implementation of complex solutions, establish industry vendor relationships, and provide insight into the acquisition of cutting-edge technologies.

The Directorate team includes:

  • Valerie Swanson, Acting, Division Director of Administration
  • Lisa Glufling, Division Director of IT Governance

Paul Blahusch

Directorate Cybersecurity
Paul Blahusch, Director

Paul Blahusch's team supports the Department's mission by promoting and bolstering enterprise-level cybersecurity defenses and ensuring that the Department's program operates effectively. The primary objective is to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of DOL information and information systems.

The Directorate team includes:

  • Karl Hellmann, Deputy Director, Cybersecurity
  • Muhammad Butt, Division Director of Information Security Policy & Planning
  • Sharon Kelser, Division Director of Security Authorization Management
  • Jason Ralph, Division Director of Security Operations Center

Thomas Flagg

Directorate Information Technology Operations and Services
Thomas Flagg, Director

Thomas Flagg’s team oversees infrastructure planning and support, services management, operations management, Data Center/Facilities Management and network operations. The Directorate provides operational support for the enterprise-IT environment.

The Directorate team includes:

  • Steve Davis, Division Director of Operations
  • Eric Bryson, Division Director of Network Services 

Directorate Client Engagement & Program Management

The Directorate of Client Engagement & Program Management oversees engagement with OCIO customers to understand the functional and technical issues that the customer faces, and communicates these issues to the appropriate parties in OCIO. The Directorate also oversees all aspects of project and portfolio management to ensure that OCIO projects meet their desired outcomes.

The Directorate team includes:

  • Susan Wool, Division Director of Client Engagement
  • Traci Smith, Division Director of Enterprise Program Management

Sanjay Koyani

Directorate Technology, Innovation & Engineering
Sanjay Koyani, Director

Sanjay Koyani's team develops and maintains DOL’s long-term enterprise IT strategic plans and enterprise architecture, improving delivered system performance. The Directorate is also responsible for providing and developing acquisition specifications and evaluations, implementing, and integrating enterprise and agency applications and application platform systems and services.

The Directorate team includes:

  • Paul Beckham, Division Director of Architecture, Strategy & Design

Mangala Kuppa

Directorate Business Applications Services
Mangala Kuppa, Director

Mangala Kuppa is the Director of the Directorate of Business Applications Services, which is comprised of Grants Management, Business Management, Case Management, Benefits & Payments, Health & Safety, and Statistics. The Directorate manages all business-focused projects, throughout the development life cycle, including staff resources. The Directorate also identifies ways to improve existing business-focused systems and transitions legacy systems onto platform technologies in accordance with the enterprise architecture strategic plan and DOL agency mission needs.

The Directorate team includes:

  • Tim Erskine, Division Director of Business Management
  • Tim Erskine, Division Director of Benefits & Payments
  • Matthew Brady, Division Director of Case Management
  • Aung Htein, Division Director of Health and Safety
  • Matthew Brady (Acting), Division Director of Statistics
  • Matthew Brady (Acting), Division Director of Grants Management