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Celebrating's 20th Anniversary with a Technology Update

For 20 years, has been the official benefits website of the United States federal government. It has helped millions of people find federal and state benefits, assess their eligibility and learn how to apply for those resources. was the first of its kind, providing resources directly to the public through a technology-based platform.

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A Tech Update for

Software Robotics at The Department of Labor: A Q&A with Sanjay Koyani

The rapidly growing field of software robotics is experiencing exciting developments. Here at the Department of Labor's Office of the Chief Information Officer we’ve been utilizing a type of software robotics known as RPA, or Robotic Process Automation.

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Advancing Women in Technology the OCIO Way

We must all promote gender equality across the workforce, especially in careers where women have been historically underrepresented, like technology. From Ada Lovelace, “the first computer programmer” to Grace Hopper, who created one of the first programming languages; to Annie Easley, known for her work on NASA’s Centaur project, women have played an enormous role in the history of technology.

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Advancing Women in Technology

4 Quick Ways to Get Data Smart the OCIO Way

It is everyone’s responsibility to protect and safeguard sensitive data. At the Department of Labor, we take every measure possible to secure devices, applications, and network environments, but we also need your help to assist in protecting America’s workforce from data breaches.

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The Future of Tech at the Department of Labor

As the information technology hub of the Department of Labor, we use innovative technological solutions to support the department's mission. We aim for innovation with a purpose, and each new technology is developed to improve the experience of America's workers.

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Upgrading the Digital Landscape for America's Workforce

In 2021, OCIO powered historic digital improvements to drive the Department of Labor’s mission to support the American citizen.

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Bridging the Gap in IT Modernization With Emerging Technologies

A look at how we’re using cutting-edge technologies to better serve the public.

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Meeting Tech Challenges during a pandemic

Since the start of the COVID-10 pandemic, public demand for information about the Department of Labor’s critical services has skyrocketed.

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Using Emerging Technology to Support American Workers

At the U.S. Department of Labor, we’re eager to adopt and implement the latest technologies.

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