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Administrative Review Board
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The Secretary of Labor has granted authority and assigned responsibility to the Board to issue final agency decisions after review or on appeal of matters arising under a wide range of employee protection laws. The jurisdiction of the Board includes, but is not limited to, the following areas of law: environmental, transportation, and securities whistleblower protection; temporary immigration programs; child labor; employment discrimination; job training; and federal construction and service contracts. The Boardís cases generally arise on appeal from decisions by Department of Labor Administrative Law Judges or determinations by the Administrator of the Departmentís Wage and Hour Division. Depending upon the statute at issue, parties may appeal the Boardís decisions to federal district or appellate courts and ultimately to the United States Supreme Court. The mission of the Board is to do justice under the law by rendering legally correct and well-reasoned appellate decisions in a timely and efficient manner, treating all those who come before the Board fairly and impartially.