Reach out to ODEP or one of its SEED collaborators for more information, including policy assistance and options to consider in addressing state workforce development for people with disabilities:

Office of Disability Employment Policy:
Nadia Mossburg

SEED Coordinators:
Katia Albanese
Rachel McGreevy

Board of Latino Legislative Leaders:
Sarah Saenz

Council of State Governments:
Aja Croteau

Council of State Governments West:
Martha Castaneda

National Association of State Chief Administrators:
Kathleen Kelley

National Association of State Personnel Executives:
Leslie Scott Parker

National Black Caucus of State Legislators:
Joe Grant

National Caucus of Native American State Legislators:
Irene Kawanabe

National Conference of State Legislatures:
Suzanne Hultin

National League of Cities:
Annie Osborne

National Organization of Black Elected Legislative Women:
Kenyatta Honeycutt

National Governors Association:
Rachael Stephens

U.S. Conference of Mayors/Workforce Development Council
Kathy Amoroso
Kevin Verge

Western Governors' Association:
Lauren DeNinno

Women In Government:
Maura LaGue

Women’s Legislative Network:
Martha Saenz