My disability is one part of who I am.


Poster Description

The 2015 NDEAM theme--My disability is one part of who I am.-- appears in large white letters on the left side of the poster on a blue backdrop. Below the theme are the words--At work, it's what people can do that matters--followed by a short white line. Under the line are the words National Disability Employment Awareness Month with a dash and the statement Celebrating 70 years! At the bottom of the left side is the DOL logo and the words OFFICE OF DISABILITY EMPLOYMENT POLICY UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF LABOR and the URL for ODEP's website

To the right of the words is a group image of four individuals with various disabilities from the Campaign for Disability Employment's "WHO I AM" campaign.

Poster Availability

Downloadable versions of the poster are available in English and Spanish

Download the poster


NDEAM 2015 poster: My disability is one part of who I am.

NDEAM 2015 poster: Mi discapacidad es una parte de quien soy.