Office of the Assistant Secretary

  • Vacant, Assistant Secretary
  • John Tambornino, Senior Advisor
  • Bryan Ballmann, Executive Officer
  • Melissa Turner, Special Assistant

Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary

Division of Administrative Systems and Financial Services

  • Michelle Fox, Supervisory Program Manager

Division of Policy Planning and Research

  • Savi Swick, Supervisory Research Analyst, Research and Evaluation
  • Myrian Myer, Director, Program Management

Division of Policy Development

  • Michael Reardon, Supervisory Policy Advisor, Employment-Related Support Policy
  • Christopher Button, Supervisory Policy Advisor, Workforce System Policy
  • Kirk Lew, Supervisory Policy Advisor, Youth Policy
  • Louis Orslene, Supervisory Policy Advisor, Employer & Workplace Policy

Division of Policy Communication and Outreach

  • Renee Tajudeen, Supervisory Program Manager