Emergency Management Center Organization Chart

The Emergency Management Center, with Sharon Alexis as Acting Director, directly oversees the following program and staff personnel: Deputy Director, Matt Konopka; Administration Program Branch Chief, Betty Sloan and Administrative Officer, Beth Bradley.

The following staff members/programs are overseen by Deputy Director, Matt Konopka; Operations Branch Chief, Carolyn Grubbs and Preparedness Branch Chief, Kevin Schaefer.

The Operations Branch Chief is supported by Senior Watch Officer, Joel Tilmann, Watch Officer, Wardrecka Oxendine, Alternate Location Manager, Shane Alexander and Emergency Management Specialist, Willie Gresham III. The Preparedness Branch Chief Kevin Schaefer is supported by the Senior TT&E Specialist, Vacant, TT&E Specialist, Kim Hutchinson; Senior Continuity Specialist, Vacant and Continuity Specialist, Vacant.