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Wage and Hour Division
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Davis-Bacon and Related Acts Frequently Asked Questions

I. Davis-Bacon Wage Determinations

What is a General Wage Determination?

A general wage determination reflects those rates determined by the Wage and Hour Division to be prevailing in a specific geographic area for the type of construction described. General wage determinations and modifications and supersedeas decisions thereto, contain no expiration dates and are effective from their date of publication on the Wage Determination On Line (WDOL) web site at; or notice in the Federal Register, or on the date written notice is received by the agency, whichever is earlier. Effective September 26, 2005, the WDOL web site will be the official source for contracting agencies to use when obtaining wage determinations issued by DOL. If a contracting agency has a proposed construction project to which a general determination would be applicable, the published determination may be used by the contracting agency without consulting the Department of Labor, provided that questions concerning its use shall be referred to the Department of Labor.