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Office of Disability Employment Policy
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Workforce Recruitment Program

WRP Success Stories

Since its inception in 1995, more than 7,000 Workforce Recruitment Program candidates have been provided with Federal and private employment opportunities. Since that time the Workforce Recruitment Program has seen many more talented and ambitious individuals go on to make their mark in both the public and private sector. Some of the alumni have shared their success stories in hopes that future WRP candidates realize the career development potential inherent in the program. You can read their stories here:

  • I Am the Workforce Photo Project Profiles — The "I Am the Workforce" Photo Project selected six remarkable federal employees who found their path to government service through the Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP).
  • Working a 'Dream Job' at the SEC — Read the story of a WRP graduate who now works his "dream job" at the Securities and Exchange Commission's Investment Management Division.
  • WRP Success at the SSB Bart Group — This video highlights a WRP graduate who landed a position at technology firm SSB Bart Group as a user interface analyst.
  • WRP Success at FDIC — In this video, the FDIC discusses how to use the WRP database to find specific candidates and how a deaf employee has positively affected the organization.
  • WRP Success at the Pentagon — In this video, the Department of Defense Navy Secretariat illustrates its dedication to an inclusive workforce through its use of the WRP
  • WRP Success at Northrop Grumman — In this video, Northrop Grumman demonstrates how use of the WRP helps lead the company to success through an inclusive workforce.

From the beginning of October to mid-November, recruiters from the federal government will be contacting campuses across the country to interview prospective candidates for the Workforce Recruitment Program. Each December, the WRP database will be available to employers across the country. Interested candidates should contact their WRP Campus Coordinator for more information.