Mark Trezise, a young man in a checked shirt wearing glasses and a blue lanyard around his neck.Mark Trezise is a detail-oriented employee in a detail-oriented workplace. Working at the Montgomery County, Maryland Department of Correction and Rehabilitation's Pre-Trial Services office, Mark's primary job responsibilities are filing and data entry. He is lauded for his attentiveness and accuracy, which are highly valued skills given the sensitive nature of the information that passes through his hands. His office works with public defendants, providing community monitoring and referral services to increase the likelihood of appearance for trial and reduce the risk of re-arrest.

Mark obtained his position with the county through a customized employment program that works with different departments to determine their workforce needs and identify people with disabilities who have the skills to fill them. He was selected through a working interview process, though his original job description encompassed only filing. However, after quickly discovering how fast he finished his duties, it was expanded to also include data entry.

Mark, who has multiple disabilities, receives onsite job coaching and other services through St. Coletta of Greater Washington, an organization that assists children and adults with intellectual disabilities and provides support to their families.

Attention to detail is something that serves Mark well off the clock as well. When not at the office, he enjoys designing intricate beaded jewelry and sells his pieces through St. Coletta's shops, which offer a variety of crafts by artisans with intellectual disabilities. St. Coletta's motto is "Seeing possibilities beyond disabilities," and its mission includes assisting individuals to discover and develop their skills and talents. Whether artistic or administrative in nature, Mark's work exemplifies this adage.

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