Charlene LoFor a grocery store that prides itself on service with a smile, Charlene Lo is a model employee. A cashier at a large supermarket in suburban Bethesda, Maryland, Charlene is well known among regular patrons for her helpful service and friendly disposition. According to her supervisor, she exemplifies the store's pledge to provide outstanding service.

In fact, when Charlene's on shift, many patrons purposely seek her aisle out. Customers at her location include a lot of working families, so on weekdays things get especially hectic in the early evening, as people stop in on their way home from work to pick up items for dinner. They appreciate Charlene, who has use of only one hand, for her accuracy and speed at scanning and bagging items — as well as for her welcoming smile at the end of a busy day.

Charlene can certainly relate, because her days are busy too. In addition to working three days a week at the supermarket, she is a student at a local college, where she's studying to be a graphic designer. She became interested in graphic design because she has always loved art, and sees it as a way to turn her talent and passion into a fulfilling and flexible career path for the future. If Charlene's positive outlook and "can do" attitude at the store are any indicators, it's a future that looks very bright for this dynamic young woman.

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